Lift up your dog’s gums and take a look his teeth. What do you see? Is there plaque buildup? Certainly dogs, prior to being domesticated, never brushed their own teeth and did just fine. However, brushing your dog’s teeth using the best dog toothpaste is something extra you can do for you furry best friend. It will help make sure your dog’s teeth last longer into old age, which of course is beneficial for many reasons.

If you’re going to brush your dog’s teeth, you might be thinking that you can simply use the toothpaste that you use. That would be a horrible idea, as these toothpastes contain fluoride. Just like dogs have their own food, shampoo and more, there are toothpastes specifically formulated to be used on their teeth. Pet care is quite a large industry, and you want to take good care of your dog’s teeth. Have you checked out the best dog toothpaste brands out there?

When you brush your dog’s teeth, it also helps of course to know how to get the job done. Your dog may have to get used to it, but all dogs like being pampered, don’t they? One thing you might want to do when getting started is to make sure that you take him on a walk or out to play before you attempt to brush his teeth. That is all about making your dog comfortable and willing to sit still while you do your thing. If you have to work your dog into it, that’s fine. Just keep trying, and do it a little at a time.

Not only do you want to choose the right toothpaste, but you also want to choose the right toothbrush as well. The experts recommend that you get a hold of a double headed toothbrush. You’re not just going to be brushing your dog’s teeth but also his gums. Just like when brushing your own teeth, the gums need to be healthy teeth to stay healthy.

How old is your dog? It’s never too late to start brushing his teeth. It’s also never too early. In other words, you can cut out that puppy breath by starting to brush your puppy’s teeth. Puppies are less inclined to sit still, but they also certainly learn more easily and are open to all the affection and extra attention. Once a puppy gets used to having his teeth brushed, you’re not going to have a problem doing it as he gets older.

If you’re ready to start brushing your dog’s teeth, all you need is the toothbrush that is recommended and one of the best toothpastes for dogs. There are ratings and reviews sites providing plenty of information about the top toothpaste brands for dogs. Read about the formula and why these toothpastes are the best. Keep your dog’s breath fresh and his teeth and gums healthy, and he will appreciate that. He will be able to use his teeth to eat all of his favorite foods.