If there’s one thing that Alaska is never short on, that is amazing fishing spots. Depending on where you are from, even a place considered average by Last Frontier standards might be once in a lifetime for you. Cooper Landing fishing has earned a reputation as being far from average – it is an extraordinary destination for anglers up in the great state of Alaska, especially when fly fishing for salmon!

Where Is Cooper Landing?
Located on the Kenai Peninsula, the area generally known as Cooper Landing is an unincorporated settlement of generally a touch under 300 full time Alaskan residents, give or take, and you can find it where the Kenai River and Kenai Lake meet, right at that confluence. This is some true Alaskan wilderness, but the area offers plenty of opportunities when it comes to fly fishing and salmon fishing charters, with the two often being one and the same at this location.

Cooper landing fishing comes right out of this confluence as you will find a large number of local guides and charters willing to take you out to some of the best fishing in the area (and that’s saying something). In fact you will be surprised how many different guides there are in comparison to the overall population.

Salmon & Fly Fishing
The area is known for a combination of fish that are especially popular with fly fishermen like rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, and several types of salmon. This particular area is home to a large number of red salmon, silver salmon, and of course the famous king salmon.

While a lot of emphasis is put around fly fishing in the local lakes, rivers, and creeks, you don’t have to be a fly fisherman to enjoy what this area has to offer. Free casters and even freshwater lake trolling will get you plenty of results when you have an excellent guide to get you to the right spot with the right tackle at the right time.

Serious Fishing Options
Creek, river, and lake fishing are all genuine options here. From the simple and slow floating down a river casting away to going across the lake to a guide’s favorite spot, the most important things to think about up front are what fish you are most interested in catching and acting accordingly when it comes to find a Cooper Landing fishing guide.

There are guides who, for example, only focus on river fishing for trout. There are others who focus on fishing for salmon, while other guides know exactly where to tie flies to go after Dolly Varden. Think about what type of fishing interests you most and that you will enjoy the most and then go from there!

In Conclusion
There’s a lot to love about the amazing fishing opportunities you will find at Cooper Landing, and while you certainly won’t go awry fishing anywhere in Alaska, Cooper Landing in particular offers a wide array of fishing options that any angler would love!