Should You Or Shouldn’t You? The Top 10 Benefits Of Sending Your Girl Away To Camp

It can be tough growing up, especially for girls. The world becomes more complicated with every passing generation and preparing your children for life is a constant challenge. One way to help your girl learn and grow while enjoying herself is with a girls camp. Here are 10 awesome benefits to consider:

1. They Gain Confidence By Succeeding

Girls need self-confidence to face just about anything in the world and with the confidence-building activities at a camp, they learn to believe in themselves and their abilities to succeed.

2. Girls Learn To Not Give Up At Camp

Some activities are more challenging than others at a girls camp, meaning your girl will have to keep trying and trying, in or to complete an activity. While that may feel frustrating at first, it helps build resilience and character, both of which are needed at every stage in life.

3. They Become More Independent

If you’re hesitant to send your girl to camp because the two of you are close, consider the fact that independence equates with strength – she’s going to have to learn to do things on her own and (sigh), you’re going to have to let her. In a safe, constructive environment, independence comes more naturally and ultimately, will help the two of you to become closer.

4. Their Social Skills Are Tested And Sharpened

Most girls are social by nature, but those skills need refining. Even the girls who seem totally at ease in any situation need a foundation for social grace and problem-solving.

5. Girls Get In Touch With Nature At Camp

Nature gives girls the opportunity to learn, respect and understand the world around them; camp is one of the smartest and safest ways to introduce a child to Mother Nature and all her glory.

6. They Are Immersed In Fitness Activities

No couch potato for the summer! Fitness should be a priority for everyone and it’s especially important that girls learn this while they’re young. Get your girl into the habit of staying active and striving for physical fitness.

7. They’ll Finally Be Separated From Technology

While cellphones have their places, girls need to get away from them once in a while. There’s more to life than technology and everybody needs to know this – no matter how hard it is to part with those little machines.

8. Girls Camp Introduces Your Child To BFFs

Friendships that form in camps can last forever – literally. Your girl will meet one or two (or more) people with whom she wants to share a permanent, valuable relationship with.

9. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Camp is just plain fun, even though it offers so many other benefits in the process. Free-style fun also has its place in a child’s life and she can’t have as much fun as she will at camp nearly anywhere else.

10. The Lessons Learned At Camp Last Forever

All of these benefits create a lasting impression on girls, including very important lessons they can apply in many places and in many areas of life. These are invaluable and will serve your child well for her lifetime.

Growing up is never easy, but if you find something that will help your child develop into a stronger, well-rounded individual, you’ve got to take advantage of it. That’s just what sending your girl to camp can accomplish, and so much more.